Our Solutions


Vexma Technologies pvt. ltd. is a engineering consultancy using Manufacturing 4.0 methodologies for its services.

We believe that every product can be improved, and new systems can be designed facilitated to the technological advances in the forth coming era.

We intend to deliver refined low cost Electrical and Mechanical Engineering solutions using comprehensive know how of additive manufacturing, embedded systems and IOT.

From ideation to the final product, our solutions add up saving time and money in prototyping, product designing, research and development.

Our skillset allows designers to customize their designs generating articulate products and their specification which are premeditated as per the manufacturing guidelines.



  1. Decreasing Time-To-Market from a conceptual idea to the end user and therefore staying ahead of competition
  2. Saving money in verifying the designs, ergonomic and the dimensional constraints as a part of product development process.
  3. Helps in exhibiting the exact nature of the product to the potential investors and customers.
  4. With the prototype in hands, it's easy to test the market by revealing it to the trade-shows, investors or crowd-funders.
  5. The technology allows in rapid customization as per personalized needs.
  6. Any thought, idea, imagination with a virtual drawing or layout can be transformed into a physical object and product part that you can hold in your hands.
  7. Removes the limitation of standard machining and manufacturing process.
  8. It is better to fail fast and fail cheaply accelerating the discovery to an ideal solution.

Our experiences have successfully catered to aerospace, architecture, automotive, commercial/ consumer products, defence, dental, education, medical and entertainment industries.

3d Printing Service

  1. 3D Printing Technologies
  2. FDM: 30+ Materials
  3. SLA: 5 Materials
  4. SLS: 2 Materials
  5. DMLS: 5 Materials

Product Development

  1. Design Research
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Rapid Prototyping
  5. Rendering
  6. Design for Manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering Services

  1. 2D – 3D conversion
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. FEA
  4. Render Services
  5. Prototyping
  6. Low Batch Manufacturing

Electrical Engineering Services

  1. Embedded Systems Design
  2. Internet of Things Architecture
  3. User Interface Design
  4. PCB Prototyping
  5. PCB Design



  1. Ideation
  2. Innovation planning
  3. Technology Scouting
  4. Intellectual Property and Patents