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SLM - DEN160

Selective Laser Melting

SLM printing uses selective laser melting technology which melts metal powders and solidifies layer by layer until a three-dimensional part is built. During the process, the ruler in the build chamber will pave one layer of the metal powder, a high powered laser selectively fuses the powder by tracing cross-section of the part on the surface of a powder bed and then a new coat of material is applied for the next layer. The whole process is in a high vacuum chamber or full of protective gas chamber to avoid the metal powder reacts with oxygen at high temperature.

Technical Information


Type: Fiber laser x 2

Wavelength: 1064nm

Power: 200W


Process: scraper paving

Normal Build: 0.03mm

Quick Build: 0.03~0.10mm

Precision Build: 0.02~0.03mm


Beam (diameter@1/e2): 0.05~0.15mm

Scanning Galvanometer: SCANLAB

Parts Scanning Speed: 2.0m/s (recommended)

Blank Jumping Speed: 10.0m/s (recommended)

Reference Building SpeedSpeed1200: crowns / 24h, 75 oral stents / 24h


Protective gas: N2 / Ar(Active metal materials must be protected with Ar)

Flow Control: 0~3 L/min intellient adjustment

dust extraction control: 4 levels of dust removal and purification


Volume: Approx. 5L

XY Platform: 160mm(X) × 160mm(Y) (Screw hole, rounded, etc. are not calculated)

Z Axis; 130mm(Including substrate thickness)

Max Weight: 10kg

Printing Board: Fast replaceable board & efficient transition tank

Drive mode: Servo motor precision reduction drive

Type: Precision resistor heater

Materials: Stainless Steel / Die Steel / Titanium Alloy / Aluminium Alloy / Co-Cr Alloy / Nickel Alloy / Cuprum etc.


Network: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3

Control Software: iSLM(Presto SLM)

Date Preparation Software: 3dLayer

Data Interface: CLI file, SLC file, STL file


Power: 220V(±10%) AC 50/60Hz, single-phase, 5/20A

Ambient Temperature: 20-26ºC

Relative Humidity: Less than 40%, non-condensing

Size: 1.10m(W)×1.30m(D)×1.85m(H)(Operating computer is not included)

Weight: Approx. 850kg


Laser: 5000 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first)

Main Machine: 12 months from installation date


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