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Vexma Technologies Advance Manufacturing and Customer Experience Facility

One Of Its Kind, First Advance Manufacturing Facility in Gujarat

On 28th October 2023, Vexma Technology, a leading provider of additive and advanced manufacturing services, inaugurated its in-house facility and customer experience center at its premises in Vadodara. The inauguration event was graced by Shri P K Taneja, IAS (Retd) MD of GSFC and GACL, along with several dignitaries, industry partners, clients, and media representatives.

About Vexma Technology

With 10+ Years of experience, Vexma Technology stands at the forefront of advanced manufacturing services, specializing in digital on-demand manufacturing solutions using cutting-edge additive technology for both plastic and metal components. Our expertise extends across diverse industries, including aerospace, medical, electronics, heavy engineering, architecture, and automotive.

In-House Facility, Customer Experience Center, and Vexma Cloud Platform:

Vexma Technology, a leading provider of additive and advanced manufacturing services, proudly introduces its In-House Facility and Customer Experience Center, spanning 13600 sq. ft. This cutting-edge facility showcases Vexma's technological prowess, providing clients with a firsthand experience of our capabilities. In conjunction with this, Vexma offers the Vexma Cloud Platform, a comprehensive client interaction and transparency tool. This innovative platform empowers our clients with: • Live Project Updates and Approvals.
Stay informed in real-time with live updates on project progress and approvals.
• Delivery and Project Tracking:
Track the status and location of your delivery, ensuring complete visibility and control.
• Project History and Archives:
Access a comprehensive history of your projects and delve into past works with Vexma.
• Interactive Client-Expert Consultations:
Engage with Vexma's experts directly through the platform for design and manufacturing consultations.
• Effortless Quote and Sample Requests:
Request quotes and samples seamlessly, enhancing the efficiency of project initiation.
• Transparent Feedback Mechanism:
Provide valuable feedback effortlessly, contributing to continuous improvement.

Our customer-centric environment within the facility allows visitors to:

The center is meticulously designed to foster a customer-centric environment, providing clients with an immersive experience. Within this dynamic setting, customers can:
• Experience Tangible Innovation:
Engage firsthand with an array of 3D-printed and manufactured parts, showcasing the diversity and precision of Vexma Technology's offerings.
• Technological Insight:
Explore the intricacies of various manufacturing technologies, including DMLS, FDM, SLA, SLS, CNC, injection molding, vacuum casting, and more.
• Expert Consultations:
Collaborate with Vexma Technology's experts and engineers to gain valuable insights and advice tailored to their specific design and manufacturing needs and challenges.
• Effortless Quoting and Sampling:
Seamlessly request and receive quotes and samples for their projects and orders, streamlining the project initiation process.
• Transparent Feedback Loop:
Actively contribute to the refinement and enhancement of products and services by providing feedback and valuable suggestions, ensuring continuous improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.

Launch Event Highlights:

The launch event was a grand success, with the presence of Shri P K Taneja, IAS (Retd) (Retd) MD of GSFC and GACL, as the chief guest. Shri P K Taneja congratulated Vexma Technology for its achievements and initiatives in the field of additive and advanced manufacturing, and said, "Vexma Technology is a pioneer in the field of additive and advanced manufacturing, and has been providing cutting-edge solutions to various industries and sectors. The in-house facility and customer experience center is a testament to their excellence and expertise, and will help them to serve their customers better and faster. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors."

The co-founder and CEO of Vexma Technology, Mr.Shaurin Patel, thanked Shri P K Taneja for his presence and support, and said, "We are honored and delighted to have Shri P K Taneja as our chief guest for the launch of our in-house facility and customer experience center. He is a visionary leader and a distinguished administrator, who has served in various senior positions with the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat. He has also been instrumental in promoting education, research, and innovation in the state of Gujarat. We are grateful for his guidance and encouragement."

Mr. Shaurin Patel also thanked the guests, partners, clients, and media for their participation and interest, and said, "We are proud to present our in-house facility and customer experience center, which is a result of our hard work and dedication. We have invested in the latest technologies and equipment, and have trained our team to deliver the best quality and service to our customers. We have also created a customer-centric environment, where we can understand their needs and expectations, and provide them with customized and effective solutions. We invite you all to visit our center and experience our offerings first-hand."

High End Manufacturing

Vexma Technologies Provides Cost-Effective & Customized Machinery Parts.

A Gujarat-based disposable Plastic Products Manufacturing Company. It provides high-quality, cost-effective disposable plastic products. It is equipped with high-tech & eco-friendly facilities & infrastructure in the plant.

They have a range of machinery, some of which requires a part to be changed regularly. They had been importing these parts from China. The Chinese Exporter they worked with was facing some trouble with Logistics & therefore asked them for Bulk Ordering. The company’s part requirement is low; hence they cannot bulk order them. So, they approached Vexma for a solution to their problem.

We started to work on their issue and suggested they use Reverse Engineering & 3D Printing for the low batch manufacturing of their part. This helped them save money & time, also now they can modify their designs, prototype them & test them with ease.

They shared their experience & feedback regarding the 3D printed mandrels which Vexma Printed for them. It had worked the same for them as the imported 650 ml mandrel.

Advance Manufacturing

Vaccum Casting: A Rapid Prototyping Technique That Helps in Cost & Time Management

One of India's Leading Battery Manufacturing companies making best in Class Automotive & Industrial batteries faced an issue with Cell Holders for their battery packs.

We took up this task on priority considering their requirement timeline. The part was studied thoroughly and the issues were identified. We suggested Vacuum Casting as the RP technique best fitted for the low Batch Manufacturing of their part.

Why Did We Choose Vacuum Casting to Solve Their Problem?

Vacuum Casting is the optimal fit for Low Manufacturing requirements & can manufacture about 50 to 100 parts at once. It helps manufacture complex parts with full design freedom, saves cost & time.

The cell holder’s design was very complicated as it had thin walls. Therefore, we chose Vacuum Casting to make those cell holders in low batches with our wide range of PU Material choices.

Rapid Prototyping


The story behind the scenes by VEXMA:

Nutralite is one of the widely accepted Healthy spread brands widely accepted by Indian Households.

This is the story of vexma which has done its part in taking a new product from a concept to a lip-smacking healthy food in Indian households with its innovative packaging and labelling designs.

A brief about vexma Technologies:

Vexma Technologies is a new age industrial design and product design company that helps brands to come out with a innovative and customer centric labelling and packaging designs increasing their brand value and market penetration.

The story:

When Nutralite Approached Vexma to design and develop a innovative label design and packaging design for its healthy spreads line for Vexma it is a moment of joy and fear.

With fierce competition around in the market for the product already it is a moment of truth for creative team of vexma to show its capability and design a product that not only grabs customer attention but shows the product benefits in a simple manner.

But as a younger generation team and with a zeal to prove themselves in the market Vexma took up this challenge.

The challenges:

1. The product is a spread: (SO there is a little or no room in terms of changing the container shape as it may become problematic for the customer to extract the spread completely).

2. The content: The content is in semi solid state with tendency to leak. So, the locking should be rigid enough to withstand any type of miss-handling.

3. The label: There are already several products in the market that is as attractive already.

In short it is a typical case of: “Usability Vs Rigidity Vs Aesthetics”.

Combining these three in to one single product is the challenge what has to be accomplished by Vexma.

How its done:

The Vexma Team took this challenge and created several designs based on the customer inputs.

Research: They did extensive market research, Analysed competitor products and bench marked.

Ideation: The Do’s and Don’ts Have been decided in this phase.

Conceptualization: Vexma Has made more than 10 packaging designs and 15 labelling designs for the customer to come out with one design that not only compelling but also a durable product.

Product development: Vexma Successfully 3D printed the containers and printed and gave the customer the sample to try out.

Validation: Nutralite’s marketing team tested the product quality and marketability and finalized the product design.

End result for Nutralite: Today Nutralite has become one of the renowned names in the space of healthy spreads. It continues to dominate the market with its vibrant, enigmatic labelling and continue to attract customers in the shelves of stores

End result for Vexma: For Vexma Another happy customer and one more figure in it is crown.

As we know;

“Nothing is happier to the product designer other than seeing his creation has been watched and used by Millions everyday”.

High End Manufacturing


A success story of a start-up that developed an ingenious and futuristic E-Rickshaw And made impossible possible.

In 2018 a budding product development & 3D printing start up named VEXMA Technologies eagerly waiting for opportunities to set their foot print in Automotive product development industry.

A segment next to the medical industry in terms of investment’s, innovations, with larger corporations spending billions in R&D with a mantra to change the world with Electric vehicles. Almost all the experienced veterans from largest organizations are flooding the market with start-ups registering every day and more than 1600 patents being filed every week. It was next to impossible for organizations like VEXMA Technologies to have a standing chance.

During that time, a French auto maker VALEO Powertrain systems approached VEXMA Technologies to develop a European style E-rickshaw to show case their newly built power train. For them it was one of the projects within their vast R&D, but for Vexma it was too good to be true.

An opportunity to design & develop a vehicle from scratch and that to with a futuristic styling, aesthetics and ergonomics in to the consideration. Not only aesthetics but the HMI dashboard & the lighting system, everything had to be developed from scratch.

VEXMA Technologies being a start-up was not ready to take up the size of this project at the time, but they knew only few gets to ride this opportunity.

So VEXMA Technologies took it as a challenge.

As they believed if you have the will and determination to do something you can achieve anything”. They promised VALEO that they will deliver vehicle not only with a futuristic outlook but a functional prototype that can create a synergy between styling and performance. A big thanks to VALEO that they gave their full support throughout the project tenure.

VEXMA started its process towards excellence. Their motto for this project is simple deliver a vehicle that had an “AWE” Factor combined with performance. They started with setting up a cross functional team and brainstormed the criticalities of the project before making a RASIC-chart.

The budget of the project was a fraction of what other Automakers spend to develop a project of this size. Vexma at that time did not have a state of art assembly facility nor a testing facility. They did not have a styling studio or a team that can design exterior or interior trims. The only feedback they received from Valeo was through Mr. Nelson Bechara who supported Vexma throughout the product development journey.

Finally, something clicked with VALEO and approved VEXMA conceptual 3D Model. The question was then how to manufacture the vehicle without expensive tooling in a very short lead time.

Such situation provoked VEXMA Technologies to think out of the BOX. Their strategy was simple if you can’t do it find someone who can. Thanks to its continual support of partners, suppliers and in-house Industrial grade 3D printers with a dedicated R&D Team specialized in electronics and embedded systems, Vexma ended up with a functional working EV-prototype.

Most of the parts were 3D printed, FRP moulded and assembled in their workshop. Aesthetics and comfort for the cabin were customized to generate an intuitive experience of the vehicle. The Panoramic roof and removable doors were few of the unique, yet ultramodern features added to the style of the vehicle to deliver an electric e-rickshaw that was one of a kind.

With the team that never gave up, the constant support from suppliers and backing from our client, we made impossible possible in a limited time frame.

VEXMA Technologies successfully delivered this project to VALEO for further testing and analysis.

We are looking forward to having such challenging projects like these from all over the world to show the best of our capabilities.

Because for VEXMA we believe in “I’M POSSIBLE”.

We will continue to post this project phase wise. Stay tuned.

Rapid Prototyping

Industrial 3d Printed Working Model by Vexmatech

3D Printing

The Case: Parametric Analysis of Objects made by ABS using Fused Deposition Modeling

Since our last Blog many enthusiastic technocrats came to us who had amazing brain storming ideas on using 3d printed solutions in their projects. One of them was Mr.Shailesh Mali whosemain aim of his study was to determine the dimensional accuracy, flatness, and surface texture obtained in FDM rapid prototype with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material.

Main three parameter (layer thickness, orientation, and infill pattern) were changed in fused deposition modeling and different parameter like tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength etc was analyzed.

“The goal of this prototype was to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the power consumption of a 3D printer by employing an innovative and validated heating circuitry or platform without compromising print quality”.

Tensile test specimens having dimensions 60 mm x 20 mm x 5 mm tests have been conducted by changing the infill patterns like linier, hexagonal and diamond for measuring Tensile strength (ASTMD 638). Parts are modeled and experiment is conducted as per ISO R527:1966 for tensile test.

High End Manufacturing

Another prototype & TTM reduction.

TTM” is the length of time required for a product to reach the market. Usually, this timeline is considered between the periods when an idea for a certain product is generated until the stage when it reaches the consumer market.

Meaning reduction in TTM would create huge cost savings while gaining a competitive edge over others. TTM is extremely important for the corporations that heavily invest in the new product launch which is first-of-its kind.

This is exactly how we helped Renovo Foods and Beverages LLP to get “Skinny” in the market. Skinny with its new innovative flavours is one of a kind thirst-quencher developed by Renovo Foods. We applied design modifications to their model, made a prototype under 24 hours and in less than 5 months period, we had skinny.

This prototype helped them to gain feedback on ergonomics and reduced their TTM resulting in huge cost savings. Seeing our prototype in the local market was exciting and influential!


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