Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Wire EDM, which stands for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, is a specialized machining process used to cut complex shapes in metal parts with a high degree of precision. It is a non-traditional machining method that utilizes electrical sparks to erode and remove material from a workpiece.

The basic principle of Wire EDM involves the use of a thin, electrically conductive wire, typically made of brass or copper, which acts as an electrode. This wire is guided through the material being machined, and a small gap is maintained between the wire and the workpiece.

When an electric current passes through the wire, a series of high-frequency electrical discharges, known as sparks, occur between the wire and the workpiece. These sparks generate intense heat, melting and vaporizing the material in their path. As the wire advances through the workpiece, the molten material is flushed away by a dielectric fluid, usually deionized water, which cools the wire and helps maintain the gap.



  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass-coated copper
  • Zinc-coated brass
  • Brass with a steel core
  • Tungsten
  • Molybdenum

Process Flow:

Preparation and Setup:

Design the desired shape or part using CAD software. Prepare the workpiece by cleaning and securing it onto the Wire EDM machine's fixture.

Wire Threading and Alignment:

Thread the electrically conductive wire through the workpiece, ensuring it follows the desired cutting path accurately. This step requires precise alignment and positioning.

Cutting Process:

Initiate the Wire EDM machine to generate controlled electrical discharges between the wire and the workpiece. These discharges vaporize the material, cutting the workpiece according to the programmed shape.

Flushing and Debris Removal:

Circulate dielectric fluid, such as deionized water, around the wire and the cutting area. The fluid helps flush away debris and molten material, keeping the wire and workpiece cool.

Finishing and Inspection:

Once the cutting is complete, remove the workpiece from the machine, clean it thoroughly, and inspect it for dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Additional post-machining operations may be performed if needed.


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