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Create your Prototype in a Snap

Vexma offers a complete on demand manufacturing solution from creating master patterns to high quality low volume production parts. We work for industries like FMCG, Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Medical, Architecture, etc. to provide end to end Rapid Prototyping solutions.

Why choose Vacuum Casting?

Silicone moulding results in high-quality parts comparable to injection-moulded components. This makes vacuum casted models especially suitable for fit and function testing, marketing purposes or a series of final parts in limited quantities. Vacuum Casting also lends itself well to a variety of finishing degrees, and we can match the finish you need for your parts.

Are you looking for,

• Faster turnaround times
• low volume production
• High product quality
• Finest finish and details
• Reduced tooling cost
• Market ready prototype

Then Vacuum Casting is the right choice for you.

Vacuum Casting Process

Vacuum Casting process starts by producing a master pattern, using Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing or Laser Sintering, with a high-quality surface finish. Then a silicone mold is produced by casting silicone around the master pattern, partially under vacuum to avoid air bubbles. After curing, the silicone mold is cut according to pre-defined parting planes and the master is removed, leaving a cavity to make copies.

Advantages of Vacuum Casting



Low Molding Cost

Low Manufacturing

Wide Material

Supports Rapid
Prototyping Processes

Materials Used in Vacuum Casting


High Rigidity and Strength

Polypropylene and HDPE

Good Heat Resistance, Translucent, Tough, Good Fatigue Resistance


High Flexibility

Polycarbonate and PMMA

Shock Resistance, Translucence, High Temperature Resistance

Filled ABS

Fire Resistance and Retardance

Polyamide and Glass filled Nylon

High Rigidity