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Titanium (Ti6Al4V)


Titanium Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 4.41 g/ cm³
  2. Yield strength : >830 MPa*
  3. Elongation at Break : >10%*
  4. Layer thickness : 0.03 – 0.6 mm
  5. Tensile strength : >900 MPa*
  6. Hardness : >310 HV
  7. E-Modulus : 110 GPa

What is Titanium Material?

Parts built in Titanium have a chemical composition and mechanical properties corresponding to ASTM F136. Ti64ELI is well-known light alloy, characterized by having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility. This material is ideal for many high-performance applications.

Parts built with Titanium powder can be machined, shot-peened and polished in asbuilt and heat treated states. Due to the layerwise building method, the parts have a certain anisotropy.


  1. High specific strength
  2. High corrosion resistance
  3. Excellent biocompatibility
  4. Good osseointegration
  5. Low thermal expansion
  6. Low thermal conductivity

Applications of Titanium Material

  1. Medical and dental (Refer to document H-5983-9026)
  2. Aerospace and defence
  3. Motor sport
  4. Jewellery and art
  5. Maritime applications
  6. High-end sports equipment

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