FDM - Tglass


Transparency, Strength, Durability, High Temperature Resistance

Tglass is known for its exceptional transparency and optical clarity, making it ideal for applications that require transparent or translucent parts. It allows for the creation of visually appealing prototypes, architectural models, lighting components, and display cases.

The material exhibits good mechanical properties, including a high tensile strength and flexural strength, providing durability and resistance to deformation. This makes it suitable for producing robust and long-lasting parts that can withstand demanding environments.


  • Transparent Prototypes:

    Tglass is known for its excellent transparency, making it ideal for creating transparent or translucent prototypes. It can be used to produce visually appealing models, architectural mock-ups, and transparent parts for various industries.

  • Lighting Components:

    Tglass is often used for producing lighting components, such as light diffusers, lampshades, and LED covers. Its clarity allows for the transmission of light while providing a visually appealing and uniform illumination.

  • Display Cases and Exhibits:

    Tglass is suitable for creating display cases, exhibit components, and museum replicas that require both strength and transparency. It offers a clear view of the objects inside while providing protection and durability.

  • Artistic Creations:

    Tglass's unique properties make it popular among artists and designers for creating visually striking sculptures, art installations, and decorative objects. Its transparency and ability to capture and diffuse light allow for innovative and eye-catching designs.

  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment:

    Tglass's transparency and durability make it suitable for applications in the medical and laboratory fields. It can be used to create test tubes, sample holders, custom lab equipment, and transparent components for medical devices.

  • Optics and Lens Prototypes:

    Tglass is used for producing prototypes of optical components and lenses. Its clarity allows for testing and validation of lens designs before final production.

  • Electronics Enclosures:

    Tglass can be used to create transparent or translucent enclosures for electronic devices. It provides both protection and visibility, making it suitable for applications where visual access to the internal components is desired.

  • Consumer Goods:

    Tglass is employed in the production of consumer goods such as cosmetic containers, packaging prototypes, transparent handles, and household items. Its clarity and strength add aesthetic appeal and functionality to these products.

  • Automotive Prototypes:

    Tglass can be utilized for creating transparent or translucent prototypes of automotive parts like light covers, indicators, and interior components. It allows for validation and testing of designs before full-scale production.

Technical Information

Property Value
Pyrolysis Thermal Degradation 287°C
Flexural Strength 48.0 MPa
Tensile Strength 71 MPa
Max Elongation at Break 226%
Standard Tolerance ± 0.1mm
Layer Thickness 0.2mm - 0.25mm
Melting Temperature 207°C
Shrinkage-in/in 0.0028
Density 1.134 g/cc
Opacity 6%
Reflectivity 5-8%

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