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Stainless Steel (SS316L)


[Stainless Steel] SS316L Material Properties and Technical Specifications

  1. Density : >7.91 g/cm³
  2. Layer thickness : 0.03 – 0.1 mm
  3. Tensile strength : >510 MPa
  4. Yield Strength : >300 MPa
  5. Elongation at break : >45%
  6. Hardness : >170 HV
  7. E-Modulus : 180 GPa

What is Stainless Steel Material?

SS316L, a low-carbon alloy of stainless steel also known as 1.4404, is highly corrosion-resistant and offers excellent strength. 3D-printed stainless steel has high ductility and good thermal properties.


  1. High hardness and toughness
  2. High corrosion resistance
  3. High machine-ability
  4. Can be highly polished

Applications of Stainless Steel Material

  1. Lifestyle: jewellery, functional elements in yachts, spectacle frames, etc.
  2. Aerospace: supports, brackets, etc
  3. Medical: functional prototypes and series-production parts in e.g. endoscopy and orthopedics
  4. Maritime components
  5. Automotive/Industrial, e.g. non-corroding common material, food and chemical plants
  6. Entry-level material for Laser Sintering Technology, e.g. mounting parts, heat exchangers, functional elements in electronic housing and accessories

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