VC - MU-858 FR Grade

MU-858 Flame Ratardant Grade

Hardness, Flexural Strength, Flexural Modulus

MU-858 FR Grade is a flame-retardant material known for its excellent fire-resistant properties. It is specifically designed to inhibit the spread of flames and minimize the risk of fire hazards. The material is widely used in industries where fire safety is critical, such as electronics, automotive, consumer goods, building and construction, and industrial equipment.

MU-858 FR Grade offers reliable protection against fire incidents, making it an ideal choice for applications that require enhanced safety standards. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the necessary flame retardancy standards and regulations.


  • Electronics and Electrical Components:

    MU-858 FR Grade is often used in the manufacturing of electronic and electrical components where flame resistance is critical. It provides protection against fire hazards and ensures the safety and reliability of the components.

  • Automotive Industry:

    This material finds applications in the automotive industry for producing flame-resistant parts and components. It is used in areas where there is a risk of fire, such as engine compartments, wiring harnesses, and interior components.

  • Consumer Goods:

    MU-858 FR Grade is utilized in the production of consumer goods that require flame retardancy. It can be found in appliances, household products, and electrical devices where safety is a priority.

  • Building and Construction:

    Due to its flame-retardant properties, this material is used in building and construction applications. It can be employed in electrical installations, insulation materials, wiring systems, and other components where fire resistance is necessary.

  • Industrial Equipment:

    MU-858 FR Grade is suitable for various industrial equipment where fire safety is crucial. It is commonly used in manufacturing machinery, control panels, and other industrial components.

Technical Information

Property Value
Curing Condition 60°C×60 minutes
Appearance White
Hardness 80 Shore D
Flexural Strength 90 MPa
Flexural Modulus 2000 MPa
Impact Strength 10 kJ/m2
Load Deformation Temperature 85°C
Shrinkage 0.3%

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