VC - 8051 ABS/PC Type

8051 ABS/PC Type

High Impact Resistance, Good Dimensional Stability, Enhanced Heat Resistance

ABS/PC type material is a blend of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) polymers, combining the best characteristics of both materials. It offers high impact resistance, good dimensional stability, enhanced heat resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. ABS/PC is known for its balance of strength, stiffness, and toughness, making it suitable for applications requiring durability and reliability.

It also exhibits good chemical resistance and is available in translucent or transparent forms, allowing for light transmission. The material is easy to process using various manufacturing techniques, making it versatile for different industries. Overall, ABS/PC type material is widely used in automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and industrial applications.


  • Automotive Parts:

    ABS/PC is used for manufacturing interior and exterior automotive components such as dashboards, trims, panels, grilles, and bumpers. It offers good impact resistance, dimensional stability, and weather resistance, making it suitable for demanding automotive environments.

  • Electronics and Electrical Enclosures:

    ABS/PC is used to produce enclosures and housings for electronic devices, appliances, and electrical equipment. Its excellent electrical insulation properties, heat resistance, and impact resistance make it suitable for protecting sensitive electronic components.

  • Consumer Goods:

    ABS/PC is utilized in the production of consumer goods such as appliances, handheld devices, toys, and household items. It provides good durability, impact resistance, and aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for various consumer applications.

  • Medical Devices:

    ABS/PC is also used in the medical industry for manufacturing components like equipment housings, handles, and connectors. Its biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and sterilization capabilities make it suitable for medical device applications.

  • Industrial Components:

    ABS/PC is employed for producing various industrial components, including machine parts, housings, protective covers, and brackets. Its combination of strength, toughness, and resistance to chemicals and impact make it suitable for rugged industrial environments.

Technical Information

Property Value
Colour White
Transparency Translucent
Flexural strength 95 N/mm²
Flexural modulus 2200 N/mm²
Tensile strength 63 N/mm²
Tensile modulus 2150 N/mm²
Izod impact 16 kJ/m²
Yield strength 62 N/mm²
Elongation yield 5%
Elongation at break 18%
Tear strength Not measured
Thermal conductivity 0.225 W/mK
Heat deflection temperature 92 °C
Glass transition temperature 90 °C

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