SLA - Clear


Clarity, Transparency

Clear SLA is a type of photopolymer resin used in Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology. It is specifically formulated to produce transparent or translucent parts with high optical clarity. With its ability to allow light to pass through, clear SLA is ideal for applications that require see-through or semi-transparent components.

Clear SLA offers exceptional precision and detail, enabling the creation of intricately designed parts with smooth surface finishes. It finds applications in industries such as optics, lighting, medical devices, consumer products, automotive, architecture, and art.


  • Prototyping and Product Development:

    SLA-ClearVue is commonly used for rapid prototyping and product development to create transparent or translucent prototypes. It allows designers and engineers to evaluate the form, fit, and functionality of their designs before final production.

  • Optics and Lighting:

    Due to its optical clarity, SLA-ClearVue material is employed in the manufacturing of optical components, lenses, light guides, light diffusers, and other lighting applications. It can transmit light efficiently and provide precise light diffusion characteristics.

  • Medical and Healthcare:

    SLA-ClearVue finds applications in the medical and healthcare industry. It is used for creating clear anatomical models, surgical guides, transparent prototypes for medical devices, and components for medical equipment where visual clarity is important.

  • Consumer Products:

    SLA-ClearVue is utilized in the production of various consumer products that require transparency or translucency. Examples include clear packaging, cosmetic containers, display cases, electronic device housings, and consumer electronics accessories.

  • Automotive:

    In the automotive industry, SLA-ClearVue material is used for creating transparent or translucent parts such as lenses for headlights, taillights, turn signals, and interior lighting. It can also be used for prototyping vehicle interior components with clear or see-through elements.

  • Architecture and Design:

    SLA-ClearVue material is employed by architects and designers for creating transparent or translucent architectural models, light fixtures, decorative elements, and other design prototypes that require transparency or light transmission.

Technical Information

Property Value
Material Type Photopolymer Resin
Appearance Transparent, Clear
Transparency High
Print Resolution High Detail, Fine Layer Thickness
Tensile Strength Varies
Elongation at Break Varies
Flexural Strength Varies
Shore Hardness Varies
Viscosity Low to Medium
Curing Time Varies
Post-Curing Requirements Typically Required for Optimal Properties
Heat Resistance Varies
Chemical Resistance Varies

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