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Aluminium Alsi10mg Material


Aluminium alsi10mg material properties & Specifications,

  1. Density : >2.59 g/cm³
  2. Layer thickness : 0.03 – 0.1 mm
  3. Yield Strength, MPa : >180 MPa
  4. Tensile strength, MPa : >250 MPa
  5. Elongation at break : >1.0%
  6. Hardness: >80 HV
  7. E-Modulus : 70 GPa

What is Aluminum Material?

AlSi10Mg-0403 alloy comprises aluminium alloyed with silicon of mass fraction up to 10%, small quantities of magnesium and iron, along with other minor elements. The presence of silicon makes the alloy both harder and stronger than pure aluminium due to the formation of Mg2 Si precipitate.

Due to the natural formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium alloy, the material has high corrosion resistance which can be further improved by chemically anodising.


  1. Low density (good for light weight components)
  2. High specific strength (strength to mass ratio)
  3. High thermal conductivity
  4. Very high electrical conductivity
  5. Responds well to post process finishing

Applications of Aluminum Material

  1. Functional prototypes and series-production parts;
  2. mechanical engineering
  3. motorsports etc.

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