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ZR300 Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 1.13 g/cm3 @ 25 ℃
  2. Flexural modulus, Mpa : 1700-2200
  3. Flexural strength, Mpa : 64-81
  4. Tensile modulus, MPa : 1600-2200
  5. Tensile strength : 37-45Mpa
  6. Tensile modulus, MPa : 1600-2200
  7. Elongation at break : 5 -8%
  8. Heat deflection temperature, ℃ : 60
  9. Glass transition,Tg ,℃ : 68
  10. Coefficient of thermal expension, /℃ : 100*E-6

What is ZR300 Material?

ZR300 is a SLA resin which has high elongation and excellent flexibility that can be produced rigidity, tough, water-resistant and low shrinkage parts.


  1. Good dimension stability and maintains strength even in humid conditions
  2. ABS-like good surface parts with high elongation and excellent flexibility
  3. Liquid resin has low viscosity with high photospeed, so easy recoating, easy clean parts and machines
  4. Good green strength requires minimal finishing
  5. The SLA resin can build accurate, durable parts in ABS-like pearl white color,because the liquid resin is colorless clear and the cured resin becomes pearl white in this process, so the production are distinctly recognizable during the build

Applications of ZR300 Material

  1. ZR300 simulates ABS material, it can be used for many applications of the automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries.
  2. Designed for use on solid state SLA platforms
  3. It can provide a number of conceptual models working envelope and useful prototype where snap-fit property is necessary
  4. Durable, white, water-resistant, low shrinkage resin for stereolithography for SLA system

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