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3D Printing Technologies are an integral part of the product development process at Vexmatech. Developing concepts at an early stage helps determine Practicability, identify potential challenges, and augment the design before going to production.

Our services can be used in applications for making concept models, functional prototyping, manufacturing tooling, end-use parts, digital manufacturing, finishing, reverse engineering etc.

aerospace industry
Aerospace Industry

3D printing technologies enable the design of parts with complex geometries or difficult aerodynamic properties if not possible to manufacture with traditional methods for engine parts, turbine, aircraft wing or cabin interior.

Advantages: Within the functional interior of an aircraft there are significant Ducting, Vents, Plenums, Aft equipment bay ventilation, Cable management, Electrical housings.

electronics industry
Electronics Industry

Creating customized casings for circuit boards and other equipments. With the advent of IoT, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, there has been a high demand for printing casings for these boards.
Advantages: Speeding up innovation is always easier with the right tool. 3D printing gives you the flexibility and the speed you need when building a new hardware and electronic product.

automotive industry
Automotive Industry

Used for rapid prototyping when developing new models or in concept cars, the evolution of different AM technologies have led a way where it is also used for final parts in various situation.

Advantages: Concept Cars with 3D Printed Parts, Miniature Demonstration Models, 3D printed Spare Parts, 3D Printed Cars.

medical industry
Medical Industry

Prosthetic limbs, other non-organ body parts and health care related items like hands, arms, legs, arm & hand casts, partial skull replacement and jaw bones.

Advantages: Patients will now have more customized medical solutions.

engineering industry
Engineering Industry

Complex machinery parts, Designing and prototyping end-user parts, precision prototyping.

Advantages: More efficient designs, design changes and more effective experimentation. Reduced need to maintain an inventory of physical moulds or no moulds required for building a prototype (cost saving + time saving).

Architecture industry
Architecture & Interior Design

Create precise replicas of architectural models and floor plans directly from CAD model. Design and create incredible concept models.

Advantages: Complex geometries impossible to make through traditional method.


Our prototyping service benefits Advertising, Branding and Packaging all together.

Advantages: It produces visual model for market research, publicity and packaging which reduces time to market.

jewellary industry
Jewellery & Fashion

Create your own unique personalised designs which fits you perfectly and turn heads. Test new concepts with our prototyping services. For example, eyewears, earrings, bracelets, soles, etc.


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