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With 10+ years of industrial experience, Vexma Technologies stands at the forefront of turning innovative concepts into tangible solutions. Specializing in cutting-edge 3D printing technologies, we deliver the finest prototyping solutions. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every project we undertake.

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Our Capabilities

Metal 3D Printing
3D Printing in Metal

Transforms digital designs into precise metal parts with unparalleled speed and precision.

Plastic 3D Printing
3D Printing in Plastic

Utilizes SLA, MJF, FDM, and SLS technologies to create customized plastic designs with efficiency and versatility.

Vaccum casting
Vacuum Casting

Producing high-quality components cost-effectively in small-batch production runs, offering diverse materials & finishes.

Design and Analysis
Design And Analysis

Optimizing product performance using FEA and CFD to assess structural integrity and fluid flow.

New Product Development
New Product Development

Integrating market research, CAD modeling, and Rapid Prototyping for a seamless journey from idea to market-ready solutions.

Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

Replicating components using 3D scanning and modeling, facilitating product enhancements or replication.

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Our Asked Questions

Best Additive Manufacuturing Company
Common 3D printing materials include plastics (PLA, ABS), metals (aluminum, titanium), resins, ceramics, and composite materials. The choice of material depends on the specific application and desired properties of the final product.
3D printing offers advantages such as rapid prototyping, customization, reduced waste, intricate design possibilities, and cost-effective production for low volumes. It allows for the creation of complex geometries that traditional methods may struggle with.
While 3D printing is excellent for prototyping and low-volume production, it may not be as efficient for large-scale manufacturing. Traditional methods like injection molding are often more cost-effective for mass production.
Yes, 3D printing is widely used for creating functional prototypes. It allows for quick iterations and adjustments, facilitating the product development process.

3D Printing, or Additive Manufacturing, has profoundly impacted numerous industries, revolutionizing traditional production methods.

In Aerospace, it enables the creation of lightweight and intricate components, enhancing fuel efficiency and performance without Compromising it’s strength.

The Healthcare and Medical sectors benefit from 3D printing's capability to produce custom implants, prosthetics, and even organs.

Automotive Manufacturers utilize it for rapid prototyping, customized parts, and the production of lightweight components, contributing to enhanced vehicle efficiency.

In Consumer Goods (FMCG), 3D printing allows for personalized designing and On-Demand low batch manufacturing resulting in companies to quickly iterate and test product designs, ensuring efficient development processes.

The Robotics Industry leverages its flexibility to produce complex and tailored components, fostering innovation.

Electrical Vehicle(EVs) manufacturers benefit from the lightweight and efficient designs achievable through 3D printing.

In the Defense Sector, it facilitates rapid prototyping, on-demand spare part production, and the creation of specialized components.

The Drone Industry utilizes 3D printing for lightweight structures and intricate designs, optimizing performance

The precision of 3D printing depends on various factors, including the type of printer, material used, and printing parameters. High-end industrial printers can achieve very fine details, making them suitable for applications requiring precision.
Additive manufacturing excels in custom part production. It allows for the creation of bespoke components tailored to specific needs, reducing the limitations often associated with traditional manufacturing methods.
Yes, As 3D printing is On-Demand Manufacturing it can be more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing methods. It often generates less waste, especially in the prototyping stage, and allows some sustainable material choices.

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Really good service and quality provided by them. I really appreciate overall company effort to make it cloud base system from which we can get all details about our order from portal itself which can ultimately save time from both end.

Ritesh Prajapati

Sr. Design Engineer - Gavyam Gentech Pvt Ltd.

It is great if your model matches with the original product with technical details

Mahipalsinh Solanki

Sr. Engineer - Power Build Pvt Ltd.

GOOD - Product Quality, Quality of Interaction of company personnel, Extent of compliance to technical specifications, After Sales Service, Complaint Management, Overall Perception of company by customer.

EXCELLENT - Adherence to Delivery Schedule, Responsiveness to Queries, Commitment in fulfilling customer requirements.

Sanjay Parmar

Design Manager - CEAT

GOOD - Product Quality, Adherence to Delivery Schedule, Responsiveness to Queries, Commitment in fulfilling customer requirements, Quality of Interaction of company personnel, Extent of compliance to technical specifications, After Sales Service.

Debasish Dutta

Design Manager - Open green energy

Overall performance in terms of Quality and Delivery is Good

Balasaheb Bhange

Sr. Quality Manager - Aeron Systems

Work was satisfactory. Contact persons at Vexma were co-ordial and adhered to the timelines for fabrication

K R Mahesh

Product Designer - IROV Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I would like to express my appreciation for the overall quality of the parts, which meets our expectations and requirements.

Bimalendu Deka

Product Engineer - Primary Health Tech

Thanks to all team whose are taken an effort in this project while producing the 3D printing model.

Kiran Patil

Design Engineer - E.G.Kantawalla

GOOD- Product Quality, Adherence to Delivery Schedule, Extent of compliance to technical specifications, After Sales Service, Complaint Management.

EXCELLENT-Responsiveness to Queries, Commitment in fulfilling customer requirements, Quality of Interaction of company personnel, Extent of compliance to technical specifications, Overall Perception of company by customer.


Staff Engineer - AEM Singapore Pte Ltd.