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PA11 (PA1101)


PA11 (PA1101) Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 990 Kg/m3
  2. Tensile modulus, MPa : 1560
  3. Tensile strength : 48 MPa
  4. Elongation at break : 48%
  5. Melting temperature, ℃ : 201°C
  6. Powder color : Black

What is PA11 (PA1101)?

Polyamide 11, also known as PA11 or Nylon 11, is a 100% bio-based polyamide polymer that has been used in a variety of industries including automotive, oil and gas, and sporting goods for the past 70 years. As additive manufacturing transitions from prototyping to the production of end-use parts, PA11 is increasingly selected as the material of choice for its superior mechanical properties, ease of use, design flexibility and sustainability.


  1. mass-colored black, light-stabilized
  2. high elongation at break
  3. high impact resistance
  4. elasticity
  5. excellent resistance to chemicals, especially hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, mineral bases and salts, alcohols, fuels, detergents, oils and fats

Applications of PA11 (PA1101) Material

  1. Automotive
  2. Electrical and Electronical
  3. IT/Business Machine
  4. Medical
  5. Sports Equipment

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