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Hytrel 3D4000FL NC01 Dupont Material

prototype-Hytrel® Thermoplastic Elastomer Flexible 3D Printing Filament

Hytrel 3D4000FL NC01 properties and characteristics

  1. Density: 1.16g/cm^3
  2. Melt Temperature 10°C/min : 150°C
  3. Hardness shore D (max) : 40
  4. Tensile Stress Break : 13-19 MPa
  5. Tensile Stress Break at 10% Strain : 4-4 MPa
  6. Tensile Stress Break at 50% Strain: 7-7 MPa
  7. Tensile Modulus : 50Mpa
  8. Izod Impact - Notched: 0 kJ/m 2
  9. Izod Impact - Unnotched: 0 kJ/m 2

What Is Hytrel Material?

Hytrel 3D printing filament is a versatile copolyester that combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processibility of thermoplastics. It blends heat and chemical resistance with strength, resilience and durability.


  1. Halogen free.
  2. Corona resistant
  3. Excellent resistance to flex fatigue
  4. Great performance in oil and wide range of materials.
  5. Flexible with the lower temperature range (-35°C, -35°F).
  6. Capable to work in higher temperature range (160°C, 320°F).

Applications of Hytrel Material

Hytrel 3D4000FL NC01 is very useful materials for all wire and cable manufactures.
It can be use as a copper insulation and fibre optics cable.
Based on hytrel performance and durability, it is an ideal material for making automotive chassis suspension system parts like CVJ Boots, Jounce Bumpers etc. Hytrel is just like a flexible fibre and can be starched bi-directionally for maximum body weight distribution so; it is very helpful to develop innovative furniture design.

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