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HD Casting

3D Printed Necklace and Pendant jewelry fashion

HD Casting Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : @ 25°C 1.10 g/cm3
  2. Experimental Shrinkage : 0.08in.
  3. Elong. @ Peak : 8-12%
  4. Tensile Strength : 5,000psiASTM D-638
  5. Temperature Resistance: 197 F
  6. Shore D Hardness: 78-80D
  7. Glass Transition Temperature Tg : 80℃
  8. Viscosity : @ 30°C 45-50 MPa.s
  9. Aspect : green transparent
  10. Ash content : < 0,1 %

What is HD Casting?

Our HD casting resin has been developed in collaboration with several professional jewelers using a range of investment casting processes and has been designed to incorporate critical features, such as ash-free burn-out, hardness and flexibility, low thermal expansion and the posibility to post-process the printout. HD casting is an antimony free, high resistance, photocurable 3D resin that can be used in standard investment casting procedures


  1. Ash-free clean burnout
  2. Low thermal Expansion
  3. High-res prints
  4. Excellent Dimensional tolerances
  5. Leaves no residue
  6. Reduces investment casting failure
  7. Direct investment casting
  8. High curing speed
  9. Lost wax casting process
  10. High resolution


Applications of HD Casting Material

Great material for turning Jewellery designs into an actual product. Mostly used in Jewellery specific applications. Mould can be directly casted where micro detailing is required.

Applications such as jewelry, medical, dental, art, and many other industries that require the translation of complex designs into castable materials.

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