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Zytel Nylon Polymer Material

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Dupont Zytel Nylon Polymer properties and characteristics

  1. Pyrolysis Thermal Degradation: 340°C
  2. Tensile Strength : 36MPa
  3. Elongation at Break : 186%
  4. Standard Tolerance : ± 0.01 mm
  5. Layer Thickness/Height : .2mm Maximum for Best Resolution
  6. Melt Temperature : 194°C
  7. Opacity : 65%
  8. Density: 1.08g/cm^3
  9. Heat Deflection: 3.00mm
  10. Color : Natural
  11. Shrinkage- in/in : 0.0062

What Is Zytel Nylon Material?

Zytel® nylon 3D printing filaments bring together excellent stiffness and strength with outstanding heat, chemical and hydrolysis resistance.
Zytel® 3D filaments feature excellent printing characteristics including good printing speeds and lower moisture absorption than PA6 copolyamide, so you’ll get less variability during printing operations.


  1. Halogen free
  2. Versatile, Cost-Effective Solutions.
  3. Provide great moisture and abrasion resistance.
  4. Supporting design with a high quality finishing.
  5. Making parts lighter and more efficient.
  6. Decrease shocks, absorb vibration and reduce wear.

Applications of zytel Nylon Polymer Material

Zytel material provide great design flexibility, lightweight strength, excellent stiffness and potential for better performance and low production costs for thin frames, mobile phone housing and components, gaming, laptop and tablet parts. It is used in the housing for the Lenovo Idea Pad U550.
Zytel resin product offer continuing innovation across all industries ranging from aerospace to medical device and pharmaceutical products.
Zytel can be extruded over PVC and also used on wire insulation.

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