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Transparent PLA Material

transparent Pla - 3d printing material

Transparent PLA properties and characteristics

  1. Flexural Stress: ± 54.4 MPa
  2. Impact strength : 6.0KJ/m²
  3. Tensile Strength : 105MPa
  4. Elongation at Break : 175% (MD)
  5. Melt Temperature : ± 210 ± 10° C
  6. Standard Tolerance : 0.1mm
  7. Density: 1239 kg/m³
  8. Shrinkage-in/in : 0.0028
  9. Glass Transition Temperature(Tg): ~ 50° C
  10. Haze : 2.1%
  11. Gloss : 80

What Is Transparent PLA Material?

Transparent PLA has excellent properties such as high strength, toughness, low odor, good temperature resistance, styrene free formulation and FDA food contact compliance. This Clear-Cut Transparent PLA filament is a beautiful translucent filament. You will love the icy looks of your creations. It prints smoothly.It doesn't matter which desktop 3D printer you have, as 3D Printing will always go smoothly with this PLA.


  1. This beautiful translucent & an ice crystal look material is PLA at its most natural.
  2. This material prints to a transparent clear finish.
  3. Transparent clear PLA increased strength and temperature resistance.
  4. It is safer and much easier to use in general cases. It helps you print the required matter with quite ease.
  5. This filament features excellent properties: High strength and very high toughness.
  6. This PLA material is High temp. resistance, Styrene free formulation, FDA food contact compliance and BPA (Bisphenol A ) free formulation.

Applications of Transparent PLA

If your 3d print project requires some transparency the they recommend to give clear PLA a try.
Usually preffered in industrial applications because of its higher Tg(glass transition temperature) characteristics.
Applications in the RC Industry / Drones / Aerospace / Automotive / Prototyping and many more.

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