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T-Glase Material

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T-Glase Specification

  1. Pyrolysis Termal Degradation : 287°C
  2. Flexural Strength: 48.0 MPa
  3. Tensile Strength : 71MPa
  4. Max Elongation at break : 226%
  5. Standard Tolerance : ± 0.1mm
  6. Layer Thickness : .2mm -.25mm
  7. Melting Temprature : 207°C
  8. Shrinkage-in/in : 0.0028
  9. Density : 1.134g/cc
  10. Opacity : 6%
  11. Reflectivity : 5-8%

What Is T-Glase Material?

T-Galse, short for Tough Glass, this new and unique material has some very interesting characteristics with regars to clearness and strength. It is made from the best optical quality PETG material. Unlike other polymers, some PETG, including T-Glase aren't considered transparent. Rather, it belongs to a grouping of polymers that are considered 'colorless' and or 'colorless with a percentage of reflectivity'.T-Glase is additionally considered 'water-clear' and 'optically correct'.


  1. T-Glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers
  2. T-Glase is considered colorless per industrial classifications
  3. Very low shrinkage makes printing large flat surfaces a very easy
  4. T-Glase is considered "water clear" as it will not degrade to a color-shade in multiple layers of applied thickness
  5. T-Glase's clarity supports industry's requirements for non-destructive evaluation of 3D Printed parts

Applications of T-Glase Material

A feature of T-Glase was to select a polymer that very easily sticks to heated acrylic as well as glass print tables for the smoothest bottom surface possible. While T-Glase satisfies this requirement, it results in a low glass transition temperature. The effects of a low TG is that parts printed in T-Glase, shouldn't be exposed to high temperature use or applications. This material suggests the product for users in need of parts with an additional clarity, glassy & transparent looks (like jewelry components).

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