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PMMA ( polymethyl methacrylate) Material


PMMA properties and characteristics

  1. Impact Strenght(IMP) : ± 3.2kJ/m2
  2. Flexural Modulus : 23,300kg/cm2
  3. Tensile Strength : 530kg/cm2
  4. Specific Gravity: 1.17
  5. Water Absorbtion: 0.4%
  6. Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT): 77°C
  7. Shrinkage : 0.8-1.0%

What Is PMMA Material?

PMMA, or polymethyl methacrylate, is a strong, lightweight and transparent thermoplastic. It is commonly known as acrylic and is marketed commercially as a shatterproof. PMMA filament has excellent impact strength that is significantly higher than glass. In addition, it has half the density of glass with comparable transparency and UV absorption properties.


  1. This is an ideal material when you need a hard object, with little flex, with excellent finish quality and clarity.
  2. PMMA responds very well to post print finishing, such as sanding, drilling or engraving.
  3. PMMA lends itself perfectly to the process of lost wax casting due to its ability to burn away cleanly without residue.
  4. Pure resin quality

Applications of PMMA Material

The natural translucency and transparency of PMMA filament makes it the ideal solution where a clear part or object is the desired result. Applications where the 3D print is one vital stage in the process to creating the final part.

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