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HD Strong

3d-print-Spot-HT Hard-Tough

HD Strong Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 1.1g/cm³
  2. Experimental Shrinkage: 2%
  3. Elong. @ Peak: 3.6%
  4. Young's Modulus: 1104MPa
  5. Tensile strength: 71N/mm
  6. Tensile stress : 24MPa
  7. Tear strength: 131N/mm
  8. Shore D Hardness : 75

What is HD Strong?

This is the material you will want to use when you need to print objects that have to be able to take a beating. Parts printed with HD strong will endure high strength and high resolution.


  1. Impact resistance
  2. All weather material
  3. Chemical resistant
  4. Water Restant
  5. Extra Hard & Tough
  6. Smooth surface finish

Applications of HD Strong

This material is fit for low volume production with immense detailing. This material is excellent in printing parts where high performance is required. Useful for industrial and engineering applications where functional prototypes and end user parts are needed.

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