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HD White Material


HD White Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Shrinkage : <0.5%
  2. Solubility: Insoluble in water
  3. Relative Density: 1012gr/dm3
  4. Vapour pressure: < 0.1 mbar
  5. Shore D Hardness : 87

What is HD White?

HD White is the first resin that is white, and stays white. It has a milky-smooth white colour, which makes it perfect resin for printing architectural designs or other designs where white is the predominant colour. This material can be died with additional pigments to get the colour of your choice.


  1. Smooth & glossy prints
  2. Feels like injection moulded parts
  3. Water resistant
  4. Withstands acetone, alcohol and thinner
  5. Can be pigmented

Applications of HD White

Architectural models, artworks, consumer goods, décor items, exhibition models.

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