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HD Mechanical


HD Mechanical Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 1.1 g/cm³
  2. Experimental Shrinkage : 1.7%
  3. Elong. @ Peak : 2.5%
  4. Young's Modulus : 1681MPa
  5. Tensile strength : 86N/mm
  6. Tensile stress : 30MPa
  7. Tear strength: 133N/mm
  8. Shore D Hardness : 55
  9. Force at Peal : 405

What is HD Mechanical Material?

HD Mechanical is a great material for those who are searching for high resolution on all sizes of prints. With a sturdier final product and slight flexibility, this material is a great for those needing a clean finish on an engineering or mechanical print.


  1. High Young Modulus
  2. High impact resistant
  3. High thermal resilience
  4. Maintains high dimensional stability
  5. Minimum shrinkage value
  6. Can be machined

Applications of Magnatic HD Mechanical Material

Functional prototypes and end user parts with high resolution. Suitable to print enclosure mounts. Can be tooled and machined. Appropriate to print for all sizes.

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