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HD Elastic

3d-print-Spot-e Elastic-flexible Resin

HD Elastic Technical Specifications & Properties

  1. Density : 1.1 g/cm³
  2. Experimental Shrinkage : 1.9
  3. Elong. @ Peak : 65%
  4. Young's Modulus: 12MPa
  5. Tensile strength: 30N/mm
  6. Tensile stress : 11MPa
  7. Tear strength : 64N/mm
  8. Shore A Hardness: 65
  9. Shore D Hardness : 21

What is HD Elastic Material?

This material has adaptable and elastic capabilities. This resin is best for projects that require rubbery, soft yet versatile materials. HD Elastic is formulated using base products that provide great elongation behaviour of up to 100% and has very low viscosity. While providing these qualities, HD elastic gives high-res prints.


  1. Superior Elongation break
  2. Rubbery and Elastic
  3. Soft yet Resilient prints
  4. Comparable to D19 hardness

Applications of HD Elastic Material

This material be used in applications that requires anelastic, easy yet robust materials. Rubber-like material is useful for many displaying applications including:

  1. Exhibition and communication models
  2. Rubber surrounds and over-molding
  3. Soft-touch coatings and nonslip surfaces for tooling or prototypes
  4. Knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear

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