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Vexma Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India is a 3D printing, Research & Development start-up. The ongoing tough times have taught us how we can stand together as a community and help each other come out stronger and better. We feel that having the leverage of 3D Printing and supply resources we can fulfil the rise in demand of personal protective equipment (PPE) which are essential for the people who are risking their lives daily to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are helping the front-line Covid-19 warriors, i.e. health care officials, sanitation workers, medical professionals, government officials, old age homes, police force and fire fighters who are actively engaged in the fight against the pandemic. These officials are directly involved by risking their lives as well as lives of their families to make sure that we as a nation are safe.

We have donated Personal Protective Equipment & gear as well as organised a fund raiser for donating as much as we can to keep them safe and secure when they are directly dealing with the virus.

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Lets Save The World

How did we help?


3d printed Faceshield & mask


A protective headband gear which shields the face of the wearer from the Coronavirus droplets or any kind of traveling agent. These reusable face shield will also prevent the wearer to touch their faces enabling protection against their own contaminated touch preventing the virus to enter the body.

The face shield is made of two parts mainly and is reusable.
the front is the transparent sheet which can be changed
when required . The later is called a visor which is
3D printed.


3D Printed mask

These are 3D printed reusable plastic masks which protects the virus from entering through the mouth and nasal track. The filters are replaceable and can be found easily at medical stores.

3D printed Facemask with comfortable foam padding


Other Essentials

Venturi valves & Respirator valve

Venturi valves & Respirator valve

Ventilator splitter valve

Ventilator splitter valve

Venturi valves, Ventilator splitter valves and Respirators. Our Research and Development team is currently working on developing an affordable Ventilator.

N95 mask and complete kit


N95 mask and complete kit

We are contacting bulk traders and manufacturers to purchase certified N95 mask and a
Kit at minimum for donation purposes. As of now we have tied up with few brands that can
supply us in bulk. The complete kit comes with Coveralls/Gown, Face shield, disposable bag,
knee length shoe cover, N95 mask and Nitrile gloves.

What we did with the raised donation?

We have raised a total of 1,25,405 INR through our fundraiser. This helped us
get PPE kits, N95 masks and other essential supplies. Sharing the snapshots
of the donations made so far. We will keep updating the status of our donation
drive. The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.

We are doing our bit, are you?

We fight COVID-19 together

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We donated PPE kits and N95 masks along with our inhouse 3D printed masks and faceshields to various Hospitals, Collector office and a NGO. We are trying our best to do as much as we can and will continue the same.


We can & We will