3d printing to convert her lower spine CT scan into a physical replica

Our First Print!

Back in November 2014, we purchased our first 3d printer based on this amazing Fused Deposition modelling Technology. Exciting as it was we got hooked up with this new revolutionary technology right away. I mean just imagine the possibilities. Any shred of idea, any thought, any imaginary design could be in your hands with a push of a button.

Thus we started printing our first official print job. My mother, had gone through a major spine injury from a road accident. She had to undergo a spinal cord surgery. As shown in the picture above, we used 3d printing to convert her lower spine CT scan into a physical replica. With the professional help of our doctor, we were unable to make a clear understanding on what needed to be fixed and what could be the aftermath of the surgery. The print once again helped my mother to gain better understanding of the stressed areas that needed better attention after the surgery. Since then we have been working with a doctors specializing in different fields to gain advantage of 3d printing in numerous ways.
- Shaurin Patel

vexma technologies pvt ltd - 3d printing service india

We are up and running!

After two years of endless research, seven months of start-up phase we are finally up and running. While providing broad range of 3d printing solutions captivating various industries we have been developing smart medical devices with the help of our expert embedded systems and product development engineers.

In the next few blogs, I will be updating our previous and current projects in hand with the list of happy customers we’ve dealt with. We welcome you to be a part of our Vexma familia.
- Shaurin Patel

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