Grant Imahara & Local Motors - The Essence of Autonomy 3D Printed Car

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3D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials

pacecraft to fabricate giant antennas, solar arrays, and telescopes in space

Nasa to begin 3D printing in SPACE: Agency funds development of factory that will create MILE-long shuttle parts while in orbit

SpiderFab will build huge structures such as antennas and masts Tethers Unlimited has received $500,000 to develop a demo factory by 2020 The group is also working on a ‘Trusselator’ device that will fabricate 3D printed structures in space for large solar arrays Read more...

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3D Printed Head

Scientists 3D-Printed Part Of A Kidney

Additive Manufacturing: The dawn of a new industrial revolution

Now we can 3D-print replacement bones

Two Minute Papers - 3D Printing Auxetic Materials

3d printing food

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