Space 3D Printer with Built-in Recycling Prepped for ISS

Last month, the first commercial 3D printer was installed aboard the International Space Station (ISS), heralding a new era for space manufacturing. The off-world 3D printing market, however, is starting to become competitive... - Read more...


Woman has 3D printed ear fitted after losing earlobe 55 years ago

A woman who lost her left ear in a car crash 55 years ago has become the first person in Australia to receive a new ear through the wonders of 3D printing.... - Read more...

Olli - Local Motors' First Self-Driving Vehicle

First Heart Structure 3D Printed in Zero Gravity With Adult Human Stem Cells


Researchers open hairy new chapter in 3-D printing With fur, brushes, and bristles, a new technique opens new frontier in 3-D printing

Researchers have found a way to bypass a major design step in 3-D printing, to quickly and efficiently model and print thousands of hair-like structures. Instead of using conventional computer-aided design (CAD) software to draw thousands of individual hairs on a computer the team built a new software platform, called 'Cilllia,' that lets users define the angle, thickness, density, and height of thousands of hairs, in just a few minutes... - Read more...

3d Builder by Universe Architecture & BAM with D-Shape print head and AcoTech Robotics


Lenovo shows off 3D printed Intel-powered smart running shoes that double as game controllers

The shoes themselves are powered by Intel electronics, and it was therefore only fitting that Lenovo’s CEO Yuanqing Yang presented the first pair to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. But as Lenovo watchers will doubtlessly let you know, this isn’t the first pair of Lenovo shoes... - Read more...


3D Printed Physiotherapy Device for fascial manipulation

One of the most important variables we had to take into consideration while making this part was the weight.. If the part is too heavy it might cause her luggage to be overweight resulting in a fee... - Read more...

Hover Camera - Introducing the self-flying camera anyone can use


WATG conceives the world's first freeform 3D printed house

the challenge invited architects, designers, engineers, and artists from around the world to participate in an investigation of how 3D printing technologies... - Read more...


3D Printing a Spine Model to Help a Fellow Doctor with Low Back Pain

First, a word about the different vertebrae (bones) in the spine. There are four main sections of spinal bones. The seven cervical vertebrae are in the neck and support ... - Read more...

Light Rider - World's first 3D printed motorcycle


UW-Madison team develops wind turbine for cell towers in rural India

The Badgers' team, WiscWind, of 15 engineers and business students will compete this week in New Orleans at... - Read more...

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