3D printed aircraft (SULSA) flying in Antarctica launched from HMS Protector - Short edition

3D-Printed happy pot plants

Celebrate Earth Day with these 3D Prints!

Earth Day is here, and that means letting your green thumb fly free!The design prints without supports, and the assembled product involves three removable pots, a drip tray and a height adjustable light...
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3D Printed Clothing? It's On The Way

3D-Printed Metal Bridge in Amsterdam

First 3D-printed satellite made in Russia to be sent to ISS

The satellite will serve to test new technology in the field of space materials. It is equipped with sensors that will record the temperature of the parts that make up the satellite including the plates, batteries and board, while electronics data...
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3D printed artery

Space Glass Project: The Microgravity Test

With the Space Glass designed and 3D printed, the next phase of the project was to put it to the ultimate test. We went to the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany to test the surface tension and discover how whisky behaves in microgravity.
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3-D Printed a Working Semi-Automatic Gun

3-D Printed a Working Semi-Automatic Gun

another incremental step in the improvement of homemade weapons manufactured with digital DIY tools
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Humanoid Robot Built From Scratch in Hong Kong

Like innumerable children with imaginations fired by animated films, Hong Kong product and graphic designer Ricky Ma grew up watching cartoons featuring the adventures of robots, and dreamed of building his own one day.

Prof Peter Choong demonstrates the BioPen

The Future is Here - A major touring show from London’s Design Museum co-curated by RMIT Design Hub

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The 3D-printed wheelchair

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