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Alloy 910 Material

3D printed prototype in taulman3D alloy 910

Alloy 910 properties and characteristics

  1. Tensile Stress : 8,100PSI +
  2. Elongation at Break : 31%
  3. Transmission : 50%
  4. Modulus = 72,932 PSI
  5. Print Temperature : 250C-255°C
  6. Melting Temperature : 210°C
  7. Glass Transition Temperature(Tg) : 90°C
  8. Shrinkage- in/in : 0.0031
  9. Pyrolysis Thermal Degradation: 349°C
  10. Shore Hardness :85A

What Is Alloy 910 Material?

Alloy 910 offers the strength and durability of nylon with the same negligible shrink nature of PLA and t-glase.Printed parts provide moderate pliability and are useable up to 200°F, making it an ideal alternative to market leading rigid materials.


  1. A very durable material with a high tensile profile
  2. Constant strength under stress providing durability for functionality and form
  3. Chemical resistance of a nylon
  4. Prints very well with support materials
  5. Best adherence to platform is achieved by coating clean glass with PVA at 45-50°C
  6. certified for use in food handling

Applications of Alloy 910 Material

frames, enclosures, parts requiring high strength and stiffness. Used in 3d forging,prosthetics, robotics assemblies,jewelry printinting etc.

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