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PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)


PVA Technical Specification

  1. Impact Strength- 1.6 kj/m2
  2. Tensile Module- 3860 mpa
  3. Tensile Strength: 78MPa
  4. Elongation at Break :9.90%
  5. Standard Tolerance :
  6. Impact Strength: 1.6 kj/m2
  7. density : 1.23 g/cc
  8. Melt Flow : 14-20 g/10min
  9. Shrinkage: Ultra-low

What Is PVA?

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)Is a exceptional thermoplastic that dissolves in water right away. PVA’s soluble nature in water makes it a highly useful plastic as a support material for protyping intricate and highly complex designs with large amounts of cavities and over hangings.


  1. water soluble
  2. incompresible & heat resistanct
  3. low elongation & low flexible
  4. high modulus & good durablity
  5. inmprove layer hardness & non- toxic
  6. Colourless & Odourless

Applications Of PVA

PVA is commonly used as a supportive material with PC, ABS and PLA to get high resolution prototypes where aesthetics cannot be compromised. It is most commonly used as paper adhesive, as thickener, as packaging film. PVA is generally used in the applications where the plastic needs to be dissolved as a supportive material as a binding agent. Uses such as reinforcing rubber hoses, rollers, fishing industry, consumer textile etc. are known.

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