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Polycarbonate (PC)

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Polycarbonate (PC)Specification

  1. Tensile Modulus : 2307MPa
  2. Tensile Stress at Yield: (55-75)MPa
  3. Elongation at Break :12.24%
  4. Flexural Modulus : 2477MPa
  5. Flexural strength : 100.4MPa
  6. Glass Transition temp.(Tg): 112 - 113 ̊C
  7. Impact Strength : 25.1 kJ/m²
  8. Heat Deflection Temp(HDT) : at 0.455 MPa
  9. Shrinkage : Ultra-low

What Is Polycarbonate (PC)?

Polycarbonate is strong and resists deforming at higher temperatures unlike other more common 3D printer filaments. Parts 3D printed in polycarbonate will be strong, stiff and rigid.

Polycarbonate (PC) is an extremely strong, lightweight and transparent thermoplastic.It has a Rockwell hardness of R 121, making it harder than PMMA, ABS and PLA. Polycarbonate can withstand tensile forces and torsional stress that shatter, deform or break other materials.This material is malleable when cool and can bend without cracking. The material properties of polycarbonate makes it the most used industrial thermoplastic.


  1. High impact strength
  2. High temp. resistant
  3. less than half the density of glass
  4. relatively light weight
  5. Machine bendable at room temperature
  6. Extremely durable
  7. Transparent with excellent light transmittance
  8. Non-conductive
  9. Reduces Glare

Applications Of Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is useful in prototyping applications where sheet metal lacks transparency, non-conductivity and insulation. Moulds made of PC are regularly used of urethane and silicone casting.

Some of the notable applications are:

  1. Medical - Medical equipment parts
  2. Automotive - Headlamp lenses, inner lenses, clusters, door handles, finishing panels, radiator grilles, hubcaps, spoilers
  3. Electric and Electronic Parts - Switching relays, connectors, sensor parts, deflecting yokes, disc carriers, LCD parts, backlit panel parts
  4. Machinery - Electric tools, vending machine parts, fibre bobbins
  5. Safety - Safety goggles, helmets, smoke detectors, revolving lights, etc.
  6. Precision Parts - Camera parts, watch parts
  7. Office Automation Equipment - Lap-top personal computer housings, PDA housings, CD-ROM drive parts, laser printer chassis, OA equipment housings, digital camera housings
  8. Household Applications - Electrical outlets, irons, microwave ranges, coffee makers, electric shavers, hairdryers, decorative light fixtures
  9. Optical - Optical lenses and optical discs such as CD, CD-ROM, CD-R, MO, MD, DVD
  10. Communications - Mobile phone housings and pager parts

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