Our 3D Slicing Services

3D Printing in todays world seems to be a plug and play technology where you might be given pre-set parameters by your manufacturers to get your parts printed for any given additive-tech to avail the right print. Although we at Vexmatech feel that 3D printing is an entirely different science where you need to build your understanding at the micron level of the technology giving in the space and time required to leverage the full potential of your 3D Printer.

For that reason, we have started this unique initiative to share our uncountable experience of 3d printing with different set of printers, materials, resolutions etc. to help enable get you the right print every time. So Why go through the hassle, just send us your files, select the printer, set the parameters as per your requirement, and we’ll send you the G-Code right away.

Charges Applicable : 450/hr. Official proforma provided after we analyze the submitted files.

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  • Terms and conditions:

    1) Machine is well maintained (belt, nozzle, lead screw)
    2) Must follow appropriate bed adhesion as per your printer guidelines
    3) Must maintain the environment as per suggested by your Printer manufacturer
    4) Printing Environment is moisture free
    5) Bed levelling must be well calibrated
    6) Material feeder functions properly

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