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The Technology of printing physical 3D objects from digital data using vertical axis manufacturing process is called "additive manufacturing."

The amount of material, the rotation of the platform and the design of the object is administered in a computer controlled environment.

This technology allows for complex shape, size and dimensions which are not easily or economically available using traditional manufacturing tooling methods. 3D printing services allows low cost production of highly specific, low volume products or mass markets quicker.

Remove unwanted restrictions to your designs, produce prototypes as one unit or pre-built unit assembly to aid in mass manufacturing.

rapid prototyping services



  1. Convenience: Design and production can be completed in house. At any time constraints.

  2. Design Freedom: Design restrictions on traditional machining can be eliminated with ease.

  3. Cost effectiveness: Because moulds are not required design changes can be made without additional expense.

  4. Green Tech: 3D printing creates very little or no waste. So the impact on the environment is minimal.

  5. Production Quality: All object are created in a single build, so the products are sturdy with no joints.

Our Value Added Solutions

Mechanical Engineering Services

  1. 2D – 3D conversion
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. FEA
  4. Low Batch Manufacturing

Product Development

  1. Design Research
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Rapid Prototyping
  5. Rendering
  6. Design for Manufacturing
Electrical Engineering Services

  1. Embedded Systems Design
  2. Internet of Things Architecture
  3. User Interface Design
  4. PCB Prototyping

  1. Ideation
  2. Innovation planning
  3. Technology Scouting
  4. Intellectual Property and Patents


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